We accept exchange or return of unused products within twenty (20) calendar days after reception of the purchase. For exchange requests, the client must contact us through our form communicating his intention. It is necessary for the customer to send the order number and the reason for the exchange. Estelle does not accept the products received for return without previous communication from the customer. Beware, the shipment cost will be bear by the customer.

Product conditions for exchange or return

The cost of sending back a product to Estelle as well as the cost of returning a product from Estelle to the customer in order to exchange or return a product is the responsibility of the customer. The customer shall send the product to the following address: myEstelle, Rua Faro, 22/301 CEP 22461-020 Jardim Botânico Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil. The product must be returned unused, in its original packaging. All returned products undergo a Quality Control analysis upon arrival, which may take up to seven (7) business days. In the case of return, the reason must be described. We remind you that the new item will be sent only after payment for the shipment cost has been received and after the return of the product to Estelle. In case of a return of the amount paid, the value of the original shipment and banking fees will be subtracted from the total amount. If any divergence or violation of the product is identified, we will not accept the product, we will send back the product to the customer after having received payment corresponding to shipment cost.

We remind you that the new item, or the return of the amount paid, less the value of the shipments that in the case of the return will be subtracted, can only be made after return of the product to Estelle.

Error in Delivery, defective product or packaging

In case you have received your product with any divergence, such as, open or defective packaging, lack of accessories or product in disagreement with purchased, please get in touch immediately via our CONTACT page on our website.

We do not accept or exchange

  • Liquidation products.
  • Products from previous collections.
  • Products with indications of use or in disagreement with our policy.


Repent of purchase

According to article 49 of the consumer protection code, the deadline for cancellation and return of the product is up to seven (7) business days from the date of receipt of the product, provided that the rules contained in our policy of Exchange and return. If the delivery of the product does not comply with our policy, the exchange will not be accepted and it will be returned to the address of origin, reserving Estelle the right to charge or not the freight. The deadline for analysis and response is up to seven (7) business days, counted from the reception of the said product. After analysis, the client will be informed via email. For refund, in case of return of the order, the total value of the order will be deposited in a bank account informed by the customer who holds the purchase. Possibility of third party deposit will not be considered. The amount will be returned within ten (10) business days after arrival and analysis of the product according to company policy.

Analysis and exchange of defective products

According to the Consumer Protection Code, you have 90 days to complain about the apparent or easily detected defects in your merchandise. In this case, you should contact us immediately so that we can assist you in the best way possible. Presenting the order number and description of the defect pertaining to the shoe is necessary. The product must be posted in its original packaging and the customer must send a written report on the alleged defect of the product, clarifying the type of use made of the product. The defect assessment will be performed by our suppliers, from where we will receive the final report of the exchange request. The average completion period is of 30 days after receipt of the product, in accordance to the Consumer Protection Code.

Exchange accepted

The customer will receive the product at the origin address, at no additional cost. The resend will be done through the “Normal Delivery” mode. In the absence of the same model in stock, the customer will be notified and may choose another model to exchange between options available on the site, providing the credit limit and availability.

Exchange denied

The product will be returned without any right of substitution, after the payment of the return freight by the customer.

Examples of reasons for a denied exchange

  • Absence of defect (no identification of the damage indicated by the customer).
  • Evidence of inappropriate use of the product.
  • Evidence of accidental damage.
  • Natural wear and tear.
  • Improper product cleaning.


Order cancellation

Your order may be canceled by Estelle:

  • If no payment has been received in the 2 (two) business days following the date of issue of the order by direct bank transfer.
  • If the credit is not released by the bank in online transactions.
  • If there is a problem with your credit card and you do not contact us within 3 (three) business days after having received our automatic email.
  • If the purchase is not approved by the Credit Department.

You can also request the cancellation of your order if your order does not have the status “Processing”. To find out, go to the My Account section, enter your email and password and see the request. If the request has a status of “Processing”, we will not be able to cancel it. Please be careful: if in the period between your query about the status of the request and the receipt of your request for cancellation the request is processing, the request cannot be canceled.


The deadline for delivery of your products varies according to the location requested for delivery, as well as to the chosen form of payment. It is also worth remembering that the deliveries are outsourced. The delivery period starts counting when your order has the status “Processing”. The products are delivered to your home in the fastest, safest and most economical way. If the box wrapping the product is violated, refuse the receipt and contact us.


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